Nissan Begins Testing Next-Gen Fuel-Cell X-Trail

Nissan has just announced that they have begun testing second-generation fuel-cell technology. The new fuel-cell stack is fitted to a Nissan X-Train SUV.

Nissan first announced their plans to explore a mode advanced fuel-cell technology in August of 2008. The new fuel cell is 25 percent smaller than the previous generation and provides 1.4 times the power. Total output is rated at 130 Kw, compared to 90 Kw in the old unit. The advantages are more than just in the size and power departments, however, as Nissan says the new stack uses half the amount of platinum for the electrodes and uses a more durable catalyst, making it not only longer-lasting but significantly cheaper to manufacture.

The second-gen fuel-cell-equipped X-Train actually began testing in late 2008 and more recently has been undergoing cold weather testing at the company’s Hokkaido Proving Ground.

Currently Nissan has their fuel-cell X-Trail, called the X-Trail FCV, on display at the FC Expo in Tokyo.

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