No Mitsubishi EVO X or VW R32 for 2009


News has just emerged that Mitsubishi will not be producing a Lancer EVO X for the 2009 model year. Meanwhile, VW has made a similar move stating that the Golf R32 model will also be put on hold until 2010.

The good news is that if you still want to buy one of these high-performance models you still can, but if it’s the R32 you’re after you had better act fast.

Due to a surplus of inventory the 2008 EVO X will continue to be offered throughout 2009 as an ’09 model. Company spokesperson Christine Jew said no major production changes were planned and that the 2010 model is not in danger. Sales of the 2008 EVO X were up 50.9 percent – not surprisingly considering ’08 was the first model year for all-new the car.

As for the R32, a company spokesperson has said that VW is down to it’s last few 100 models, so if you want one, now is the time to buy. The R32 did not fare so well in the sales department with just 35 vehicles being sold in the U.S. in January, as compared to 336 in the same period the year before.

[Sources: Top Speed, Edmunds InsideLine]

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