Saturn, Saab and Hummer.. Your Days Are Numbered


Along with asking for $16.6 billion more in loans from the Federal Treasury, General Motors has made it clear that Saturn, Saab and Hummer will be sold off or eliminated.

GM has made it clear that Hummer is for sale if anyone is interested, and the same can be said for Saab, if the Swedish government doesn’t help out with some bailout funding.

As for Saturn, General Motors has said that it will continue to supply product to dealers through 2012 but won’t say any more than that. If you read between the lines, that means that unless something major happens, or a suitable buyer is found for Saturn, the General Motor’s brand will cease to exist in 2012.

General Motor execs have made it clear that the company will focus on four core brands in the future: Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac and Buick. According to GM Inside News’ sources inside GM, that means that Pontiac will be reduced to a niche brand.

GM Inside News also reports that Saturn will move to eliminate the Astra and Outlook sooner and hold on to the Aura, Vue and Sky until the end.

[Source: AutoNews and]


Jo says:

Have you read the rumors about Saturn’s dealerships splitting off from GM and possibly bringing in some China/Taiwan vehicles?

Colum Wood says:

Actually yes… just working on a story on that. It’s live.