Motor Trend Parent Company, Source Interlink, Stops Distributing Magazines


Source Interlink, the parent company for Motor Trend magazine (among dozens of other automotive titles) has ceased distributing magazines. We’ll try to explain.

Source has both a publishing arm and a distribution arm. The distributions side of the company distributes for Source publishing as well as for many other publishing houses in the US, including Time Inc.. Source and another publishing giant, Anderson, (which together account for roughly half of all magazine distribution in the United States) recently announced a seven cent price hike and several of the publishing houses balked at threat, hoping that Source and Anderson would back down. They didn’t.

In response to this move Source Interlink will no longer be distributing magazines. The only problem is, Source distributes its own magazines. We’re left wondering how the company plans to get all those copies of Motor Tend, Automobile, Hot Rod, etc. to their faithful readers.

[Source: Foliomag]


andrew says:

Source Interlink appears to be very close to bankruptcy. So the real question is, what will happen to MotorTrend and the other magazines. In my opinion, MotorTrend will be sold off for a relatively low price, while the rest of their auto-related magazines will probably close their doors. There is literally TURMOIL at Source.

no says:

this information is false

Joel says:

“this information is false”.

ditto. get ready to be served by lawyers.

John says:

LOL you guys are hilarious… it clearly quotes the source of the information as FOLIO… it even links to the original story. Get a life.