Breaking 200 MPH: Exotics Go All Out on Florida Runway

Thanks to good friend of AutoGuide, Chris Grosser, we have quite a gallery of exotic cars from an ultra-exclusive event held in Florida.

Just over a week ago several dozen exotic car owners got together and rented out a two-mile-long aviation runway in Ochopee, FL, to see just how fast these cars could go… and just how big their owners’ cajones are.

Included in the long list of exotics was a twin-turbo 1000 hp+ Lamborghini Murcielago and several “Underground Racing”twin-turbo Gallardos. A stunning Saleen S7 also made an appearance.

“It’s not an everyday occurrence to view such cars in the wild,” says Grosser, “much less out on an endlessly long runway being pushed to their limits. It’s a thing of sheer beauty to view a car like the S7 being run to its full potential and not just sitting near a glass showcase or behind velvet ropes like a coveted piece of art.”

Amen to that!


Grosser, a student and photographer, obviously wasn’t out running his own hyper-car but did manager a 175mph ride in a friends Bentley Continental GT.

Grosser reports that many of the “tens of millions of cars” in attendance surpassed the 200mph mark, including those Lambos, the Saleen, and a Ford GT.



[Source: ChrisGrosserPhotography]