Cadillac To Hault Sales in Half of Europe

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Cadillac has made the move to stop selling its vehicles in half of the European countries it currently has a presence in – this according to a report in Automotive News. There is no word on exactly which of the 25 countries will be affected but two markets that are guaranteed to still carry the Cadillac brand are Russia and the U.K.

The news comes as Cadillac’s European distributor Kroymans Import Europe faces brankruptcy. As a result a European court has decided to appoint a third party to take control of the 3,500 unsold vehicles at Kroyman’s 165 dealerships across Europe. Presumably the models will be dumped in the European markets which will retain a Cadillac presence.

The move also involves General Motors’s other U.S. brands in Europe including HUMMER and Corvette.

[Source: AutomotiveNews via AutoBlog]

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  • Oakley Oakley on May 12, 2009

    cadillac is the ultimate american automobile it shows that americans are in touch with technology ,quality,and the american dream I am yet to understand how americans can spend 3to5 times the money when cadillac is the ultimate example of america p.s the lexus stinks