Gold SLR in Dubai Trumps Gold C63


No doubt you remember the gold C63 AMG from a few months back, well, those crazy guys in Dubai are back at it again. Thanks to our friends over at we have these images of a tremendously hideous gold SLR. Even the wheels weren’t spared in this ocular abortion. Thankfully our source tells us this is a wrap.

If you look closely in the pictures you can also spy a an SLR that appears to have Mansory’s Renovatio package. And what’s that even further back? Yup… that’s a black and gold Bugatti Veyron. Some guys have all the fun… and none of the taste.





[Source: Luxury4Play]

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Mars says:

I never thought such a beautiful Benz can be so ugly…leave it to the oil tycoons to make something that is so elegant, into whatever you want to call that. I do like the photo with the banner above the car saying “excellence in car body finishing”, clearly excellence and taste do not go hand in hand.