Hyundai Makes Genesis Coupe Press Launch Open to the Public – Sort Of

Generally speaking, car manufacturers hold press launches of new vehicles for the press, but not this time. As Hyundai continues to reinvent itself as a company, it is also reinventing how the whole system works and so they’ve invited, well, everyone, to come along – virtually anyway (those without WiFi, an ethernet cable or anything remotely resembling a 56k modem need not apply).

What Hyundai is doing is planning a live webcast of it the press launch of its new Genesis Coupe. Those interested can drop by at 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on March 25th (this Wednesday) and participate. That’s right, not only will the unwashed masses get to share this glorious moment with the unwashed press, they’ll be able to take part by submitting questions that may (or may not) be answered by Hyundai executives, through a question and answer session.

The webcast will also include a briefing on Hyundai and the new Genesis Coupe with highlights on all the technical details – basically all the boring stuff before they strap the journalists in and let them bang gears on a race track.