Lambo Wait Times Just Six Months

If you’re looking at purchasing a new Lamborghini, now is the perfect time.

Wait times for exotic cars have been growing considerably over the past decade, but with the current recession, the trend is finally starting to reverse.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelann told the press at the Geneva Auto Show that the average wait time for one of the shockingly powerful new Lambo models is now just six months – down from the usual period of a year.

Interestingly, the demand isn’t entirely due to an individual’s personal financial situation. Besides the fact a that very few fortunes are being made these days and the sobering reality that some clients who had placed orders have been forced to cancel due to bankruptcy or a significantly decreased personal fortune, there is also the social factor.

That’s right, one of the main reasons to buy a Lamborghini has just become a reason not to purchase one – namely, that in-your-face ostentatious look and the message that it conveys. During an economic boom, people want to flaunt their wealth, but during a recession like the one we are currently in, potential Lambo clients are choosing not to purchase one of the outrageous Italian exotics (which, to make matters worse, so often roll off the assembly line in bright orange or lime green) because of the message it sends.

[Source: Reuters]

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