Lamborghini Planning Reventón Roadster

When you’re an automaker, there are two ways to significantly improve profits. First, you can sell a vehicle to as many people as possible, using the “economies of scale” approach. Second, you can sell a reduced number of vehicles at a higher profit margin, feeding off an increased demand and a reduced supply.

The Lamborghini Reventón most certainly falls into the latter category and now Lambo is hoping to repeat the success of that car with an even more limited edition Reventón Roadster… yummy!

According to, which cites not one but two “very reliable” sources inside the company, the Reventón Roadster is set to become a reality. And why not? Lamborghini already has the crazy Reventón bodywork all figured out and they can easily fabricate some Murciélago chassis. They’d be crazy not to build it.

CarsUK is reporting that the Roadster version would use the updated engine from the new LP670-4 SuperVeloce, with 670 neck-snapping horsepower. As for production numbers, Lambo would keep the Reventón Roadster in even more limited supply with just 9 models being produced – and apparently 9 deposits have already been made.

As for the asking price, it’s a serious $1.6 million. It appears as though this over-the-top raging bull is also a cash cow.

GALLERY: Lamborghini Reventón



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