Scion tC Successor to Debut at New York Auto Show?

*** UPDATE *** Scion has announced that it will bring a new micro-compact car to the New York Auto Show, which will most likely be a Scion-branded version of the Toyota iQ. Most likely this SMART-sized vehicle will use Toyota’s new 99hp, 1.33-liter four-cylinder engine that made its debut at the Geneva Auto Show.  *** UPDATE ***


According to a report on Edmunds Inside Line, Scion might be bringing the successor to the long-in-the-tooth tC to the New York Auto Show.

Those investigative journalists dug up a patent Toyota recently filed for the “tD” name – a natural progression from the tC nameplate. When you take this info and combine it with the fact that Scion has a press conference scheduled for New York (and that no one these days would pay to hold a press conference unless they really had something to say), it seems as though the new tC (the tD) might just break ground at the show. Also, it’s important to note that Scion has generally had a presence at the NY Auto Show, unveiling the Hako Coupe concept last year and the Fuse concept (pictured above) back in 2006.

There is, of course, another possibility; that Scion will unveil an all-new fourth model in it’s lineup, as we reported on back in February.

Scion VP Jack Hollis has commented in the past that, “We think there are a lot of opportunities for a [second] coupe. We think there is room for a bigger sedan and smaller vehicles. We think there is even a possibility for a truck-based vehicle with an open bed.”

[Source: Edmunds Iside Line]