Under the Skin of Aston’s One-77 Supercar


Not only did Aston Martin use the Geneva Auto Show to show-off, for the first time, its One-77 supercar; the company also brought along a cut-away model that shows the entire carbon-fiber chassis. And is it ever impressive.

It’s an amazing thing to see a carbon-fiber monocoque on a road car, with the carbon stretching from the roof to the pillars to the cockpit and throughout.


We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves but we do have some new One-77 info to report.

At the press conference it was announced that not only will the Aston Martin supercar make more than 700hp (as previously reported), it will boast 750hp.

It will also weigh just 3,300 lbs., making it a serious performer in every way.

GALLERY: Aston Martin One-77


GALLERY: Aston Martin One-77 Cut-Away


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