World’s Fastest Hybrid Revealed: Giugiaro Vamir?


World famous Italian design studio Giugiaro said that it would be bringing the world’s fastest hybrid to the Geneva Auto Show and we have the first pictures. Giugiaro did send out a press release with a rendering but these are the first photos. We still don’t really know anything more about the exotic-looking beast but heck… the show doesn’t even start until tomorrow.

What we did observe were Lambo-style scissor doors with a stunning quilted Alcantara interior. The car also has a set of big Brembos. And judging from the matrix design in the glass on the upper corners of the roof and on the hood the car appears to have some solar-heating applications.

We did watch Giugiaro staff place a decal on the side of the car that appears to read “VAMIR.” Could this be the name of Giugiaro’s fierce creation?

GALLERY: Giugiaro


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