Audi Drops S8 and A8 W12 Models for 2010


Over the past two days there has been a constant stream of info coming from Audi about all sorts of changes in the product lineup for 2010. And here’s another one… the S8 is dead.

That’s right, the Lamborghini V-10-powered testosterone version of the A8 is destined for the history books after 2009. In the S8 the 5.2-liter engine was toned-down significantly from the Lambo, making less power but more torque for better every-day use. In total, output in the S8 is rated at 450hp and 398 ft-lbs of torque.

Another power-house Audi is also scheduled for termination, the W12-powered A8 model. Apparently Audi only sold about 100 off them last year in the United States, so it’s not likely to be missed.

Audi hasn’t commented on the reason for the changes but considering the extremely low sales volumes of these models it isn’t hard to guess that keeping production going was just wasting money and that the company is searching for ways to keep the books balanced and profits up.

The A8 is do for a (badly needed) complete overhaul in the next few years.

In related Audi news, yesterday the company announced that the 3.2-liter V6 engine would no longer be offered in the A4, TT or A3.

And on a positive note (especially for ballers-on-a-budget), Audi also said that the A5 would be offered with the 2.0 TFSI engine for 2010.

[Source: Edmunds]

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Michael D. says:

I figure that the current A8 is at the end of it’s life-cycle and a new-generation/successor is on-deck (reports had indicated that MY2011 is set for the next-generation Audi A8 to be released in calender-year 2010), and the article indicates that the S8’s disappearance could only be temporary for, again, a new generation A8 will soon be with us. Now, does this mean the upper-end A8s, or the S8 will have possibly Lamborghini-sourced V10s and the W12 edition will be gone? Or, will a range-topper A8 now sport a V12, or will it be offered with the V10? A Lambo-sourced V10 is a damn-good thing, nonetheless!!! It appears that the Bentley Continental range will continue with the W12.