BMW X1 Caught Undisguised

BMW recently took the covers off what appears to be a production-ready version of the upcoming X1 compact crossover to make some promotional shots of the car. But the folks at BMW weren’t the only ones with a camera.

One of the members of snapped this picture of the entry-level luxury crossover and it appears as though little has changed from the concept car, which was first shown at the Paris Auto Show in 2008. 

While no official details are known about the production model, the concept has a wheelbase of 104.4-inches and an overall length of 175.5-inches. This makes it only 4.3-inches shorter than the X3. 

As for engines, the 230hp 3.0-liter incline-six powerplant is most likely an option, as is a possible new turbocharged four-cylinder. In Europe a diesel motor will be offered as well.

The X1 is expected to debut at the Frankfrut Auto Show in September and go on sale the following year. The Audi Q3 will most likely also be unveiled in Frankfurt as the compact luxury SUV segment takes off.


[Source: WorldCarFans]

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