Ferrari 599XX Makes U.S.-Debut Ahead of New York Auto Show


While Ferrari doesn’t techniclly participate in the New York Auto Show, that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to grab some of the limelight, hosting a private event at the Italian automaker’s ritzy Park Avenue dealership. (As though there are any Ferrari dealerships that aren’t ritzy…)

Making their U.S-debuts were the 599 HGTE and the truly awesome 599XX. Both models were first unveiled in March at the Geneva Auto Show in Geneva, Switzerland, but this more intimate setting allowed us to get some additional details on the track-only 599XX. Besides… do we really need another reason to stare at the meanest-looking Ferrari since the Enzo first came out.

What we already know is that the 599XX is powered by the standard model’s V12 engine, but the internals have been reworked to produce 7o0hp at 9000 rpm. To achieve this Ferrari engineers significantly modified the engine with a new, lighter, crankshaft. Carbon fiber is also used for the intake plenums.


Due to the new aerodynamics of the 599XX it now gets 612 lbs of downforce at 124 mph and almost 1,400 lbs of downforce at 186 mph!

One particularly important innovation on the 599XX is Ferrari’s new “Actiflow” technology, that adjusts downforce and drag depending upon how the car is operating. This is achieved through the use of a porous materia in the diffuser and two fans in the trunk lid that work to channel air from under the car out through two grilles next to the tail lights. Rather noticeable winglets have also been added to the the are just behind the winds, where the buttresses are located.


One of Ferrari’s top engineers was on hand discussing the Actiflow technology and commented that it was actually designed for use in Formula 1, but that the FIA wouldn’t allow it. 

One new bit of info that we learned about the 599XX is what Ferrari terms a “Virtual Race Engineer.” This system essentially uses all the onboard computers to calculate what the maximum level of performance the car can achieve on a race track. To do this it takes every bit of data available, including tire temperature, tire pressure, engine and coolant temperature (as well as many other variables) and determines what the maximum level of performance capable by the car under those conditions is.

Unfortunately, if you’re not Michael Schumacher, getting the car to go that fast is impossible… but here’s where the fun part comes in. The 599XX’s computer can then rate you (the driver) on your performance and tell you how close you are coming to the car’s maximum potential – a humbling experience no doubt.


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Tom says:

Odd comment/aside “(As though there are any Ferrari dealerships that aren’t ritzy…)”. You should stop in some time to the Ferrari/Maserati dealership in “ritzy” Main Line Philly. It’s on Lancaster Avenue in Bryn Mawr and in sorely in need of renovation – you’ld think you’re in some used-care showroom.