General Motors to Eliminate Pontiac Brand on Monday


As the saying goes, “It’s all over but the crying.” Edmunds is reporting that its source inside General Motors has let slip that the Pontiac brand will officially be eliminated. The announcement is expected to be made next Monday as a part of a more thorough reorganization of the struggling automaker.

General Motors PR rep Tom Wilkinson told Edmunds that he could not share any information but that media should keep an eye on the company’s news website for updates.

Rumors have circulate since the initial stages of GM’s viability plan that both Pontiac and GMC would be cut and it looks like the Pontiac rumors may finally be true – despite GM’s continued insistence that the brand is safe.

Pontiac is well-known as the most exciting of GM’s brands with cars like the GTO, Firebird, Grand Prix (GTP) and now the G8 achieving iconic status.

The loss of the brand might be a necessary evil for General Motors but it could also come back to haunt them if another manufacturer purchased the name.



farmgal says:

What is wrong with you!!??? Saying you’ll quit buying GM because they cut Pontiac? Haven’t you noticed they are being forced into this!?? Now if you said you’ll never buy a Toyota, Nissan, etc. b/c of it – it might make sense. But to turn your back on American owned companies b/c they have been dealt a rough blow – where is your BACKBONE!! How can you even think of yourself as an AMERICAN? The foreign owned car companies are loving this. American car companies (ACC) bread & butter were less fuel efficient SUV’s & Trucks. When gas prices went out of sight – ACCs held out for a while – but have gotten hammered by the little vehicles. Greedy OPEC & investment managers killed Pontiac – GM didn’t.

66GTO BOY says:

No farmgal…GM killed GM. If GM would quit spending so much on things like their corporate office building (HAVE YOU SEEN THAT THING), paying their assembly line workers exorbitant salaries and design some more exciting cars (non-trucks, non-SUV’s, and non-4-door vehicles) and quit pricing their cars beyond the average persons means they might just make a whole lot of money in sales. For example…minor case-in-point the latest GTO. Great idea to bring it back…Pontiac fans were itching for something like that. However, they were wanting a retro., which the brilliant minds at GM decided against. GM/Pontiac wanted a fresh new face…well GM, Pontiac fans didn’t want a fresh new face, we wanted a face and design we already knew and liked. Yes we wanted a face lift and new tech just like what was happening in the Ford camp with Mustang (OUCH!! does that hurt all you corporate GM execs.??). We also wanted to have an exciting muscle car that we could afford. GM put the cabosh on that too, starting at around $33,000. Oh that’s right Mustang started at around $20,000. I wonder why sooooo many Mustangs have sold…could it be the right retro style and $$…gee Mr. Obvious I didn’t get the connection. Hey I love GM cars and so does my dad and so did his dad and his dad. GM has been all our family has purchased. Mainly Buick and Pontiac. Buick better start designing something for the younger crowd however, their 4-door barges are not attracting the next generation of auto owners. Design and style another Grand National right, price it so people that want it can buy it and Buick will get my vote again (I bought a 1986 GN, haven’t bought a Buick since). Getting rid of Pontiac…I’m pissed.

califguy says:

good riddens.. You folks don’t get it. GM did this (with the help of the Unions) all by themselves. The only thing left is the Volt if they have the guts to follow through.

farmgal says:

califguy, You don’t get it. Every American vehicle I buy helps to support more WORKING AMERICANS than any little foreign job.

Another thing – Each foreign car company building cars here in the US – was given MILLIONS upon MILLIONS in taxpayer dollars get them here. Politicians called it incentives. I’m from the South & have been seeing it happen for YEARS.
Its sad when we use our taxpayer money to put USA companies at a disadvantage, (and then a so called American says good riddance.)

GTO66 -Yea we’re diappointed with some of the cars that GM & others have made – but a revamped GTO wouldn’t fix this problem. I LOVE muscle cars – but that’s not what will save them. The Mustang at 20K – looks good but CANNOT be considered a Muscle Car at that price – you’ll pay 30K for the high performance options.)

Canadian says:

What about the GM and ford plants in Europe and other countries? Its a GLOBAL enterprise. Toyota Honda nissan are doing better not because they are foreign but because the have better business sence. The Detroit 3 build a crap load of vehicals then park them in feilds until sold. Toyota waits till they are orders come in before building them. Also isn’t china the only GM plant that is still full production? I might be wrong but that’s what I heard through the net. Don’t blame foreign companies for domestic mistakes. Time to trim the fat and get competitive again. Times are changing

Lorinda says:

All my life, the only vehicle I would ever own was made by General Motors
My 1st car was a 1975 Monte Carlo. I loved that car.
I always trusted that GM was a top of the line company. Now, I must take my head
out of the clouds and realize that GM is like most all companies. No more quality.
The almighty dollar along with power and greed…and evil is what moves them.
GM is run by the One World Order, Secret Societies; Aka the Freemasons. Check
It out; it’s true.
I was almost sick when I heard that. If this is not true…someone please tell me before
I get rid of my 2007 Grand Prix