MTM Builds 380 Horsepower Audi TT-S

German Audi tuner MTM is once again pumping out massive horsepower numbers from those Audi powerplants. The company’s latest project is a TT-S, modified to 380 horsepower.

The package includes a retuned ECU for more boost from the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, as well as the replacement of the factory turbocharger with a larger unit. Also included is a new air intake, exhaust manifold and complete exhaust system.

All 380hp come on strong at 6240 rpm, with torque reaching 364 ft-lbs at 4580 rpm – enough to not only significantly reduce the car’s 0-60 mph time but it also provides a higher top speed of 165 mph.

To produce that much power the boost has too be cranked all the way to 22.5 pounds.

MTM also offers a complete line of performance parts for the TT-S including a set of 20×9-inch “Bimoto” wheels, wrapped in 245/30/20 Michelin tires. And for inside those front wheels, MTM offers a massive Brembo brake upgrade with 15-inch rotors and 8-piston calipers.

Other items include a set of lowering springs as well as that significantly-sized rear spoiler.

For those without the need for quite so much speed MTM also offers a 330hp kit, which is much more affordable and doesn’t include swaping turbos.



For more information visit MTM’s website here:

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