New Cadillac Model Coming for 2012


Cadillac’s entry-level European BLS

Amid all the terrible news coming out of the U.S. auto sector, there are some glimmers of hope… sort of. While General Motors is cutting models and whole brands, it is making a commitment to introduce a new Cadillac model under the CTS. Unfortunately it won’t be the rear-drive 3-Series fighter many would have liked.

Instead Cadillac will build a Lexus ES350 competitor based off of the Epsilon II front and AWD platform. This new model is code named GM 166 and will fit mid-way between the upcoming 2010 Buick LaCrosse and CTS.

Cadillac simply can’t afford to bring a rear-drive sedan with an all-new platform to market and so this move is seen as a way to still target a large percentage of the lower-end luxury segment.

With the STS/DTS replacement also being shelved recently, there may be an absence of larger vehicles in the Cadillac brand and so it is expected that the CTS will grow in size to help suit that need.

It’s obvious that General Motors can’t fund any new projects at the moment but this move seems like a stop-gap measure where a long-term solution is needed. Cadillac continues to ignore the entry level luxury sports sedan category to its own peril.

[Source: Motor Trend]


M. Petrilla says:

GM should learn from Jaguar’s miscue on their X-Type model. That was based on a front wheel drive Ford chassis that they turned into an AWD because Jaguar executives said “Jaguar will never sell a FWD car”. It was a disaster. Cadillac is poised to do the same with the American version of the BLS, built on a FWD Epsilon chassis. It too will be a disaster. If they can’t afford to build a proper 3 Series fighter, then don’t do it.

John Peter Koss says:

I have been a Cadillac owner since 1978, with exception of 1978, traded every 4 years ( 8 Cadillacs). Luxury, size, prestige, roadability, long trip car, etc. Why, why are the designers acting like 8th graders looking for a drawing class in high school?? Cost, flexible manufacturing, safety, style, “green” cars, whatever the rationale, they are turning Cadillac into a neerdowell automobile. No class, no foresight – guess I’m from the old school, but it was a good school and we valued greatness – we are going down hill – fast. Cut, cut, short change this, etc pretty soon a Cadillac will have no stature or luxury class to claim, I’m serious. I’ve been a licensed registered professional engineer for over 50 years ( yep 87 yrs old) you people are missing the boat. Contact me if you want, but there is a better mouse trap than the one I’m looking at on the web. Thanks for listening. John Peter Koss, P.E.

Paul Pelletier says:

All I can say is that GM is dropping the ball once again. GM should bring back the full size convertible for us baby boomers. My 2007 Cadillac DTS will be the last GM car that we purchase. Who are they trying to fool….. not this fifty some year old. I can only hope that Ford/Lincoln doesn’t make the same mistake. Gm once again flushing the toilet on a another luxury model. Give it up….

Shirley Angelini says:

I have always driven a Cadillac Deville and now DTS. I’m not sure of
the XTS, or if it will be comperable to the DTS. Also, will it out
price the DTS. If so, will go to Mercedes.

W Goodwin says:

All my adult life I have drove a American Full size car. First Chrysler New Yorker’s then Cadillac Deville’s. Bought all of them NEW! My wife drives a 05 SRX but not a car for me. I do not know what to do when my current Deville gives up. Cadillac no longer makes a big luxury car with plenty of room for five or six ADULTS and trunk space that could carry two weeks of luggage for four. Color selection the pits. Bring back Dark GREEN! Sorry even the DTS is small by my standards. GM will drive me to think hard on a Bentley! Big Chrysler’s, and Lincoln are gone, now so is Cadillac. Don’t care about milage or going green. I am well into my 60’s and at this time of life I want comfort! I know GM and the rest no longer care about the older owner market. Shame as we have the money to spend.