Next Hyundai Tiburon To Be Smaller and Less Expensive


With all the excitement surrounding the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, you’ve probably forgotten all about the Tiburon.

The what?

Do they still make those?

Our point exactly… and technically speaking, no, they don’t make Tiburon’s any more… although you can still buy a “new” one.

OK, so the car does still exist, but it won’t for long. Hyundai is planning the next iteration of the sporty front-wheel drive vehicle but conceptually it’s going to be completely different and it probably won’t even use the Tiburon name.

Hyundai U.S.A.’s CEO John Krafcik told AutoWeek that the next car, expected in 2011, will be “positioned below the current Tiburon.”

It will still use the front drive Accent/Elantra platform and will be powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine – so it better be small and light weight if it’s going to be at all sporty.

“It is not going to be all about performance,” Krafcik continued.

Instead, the car will be more economical and more environmentally friendly. It will, however, be recognizable as a sibling to the Genesis Coupe, with styling also based on the Veloster Concept car.

GALLERY: Hyundai Veloster Concept


[Source: AutoWeek]