Suzuki Mid-Size Sedan to Launch Later This Year


Suzuki is getting the word out that it plans to launch a mid-sized sedan by the end of this year. The new vehicle is aimed at the ultra-competitive family sedan segment, which includes the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion and Chevy Malibu.

Suzuki recently released one teaser image of the car as it tacked the Nürburgring.

Even with the body camo on, the car bears a striking resemblance to the Kizashi concept car, which is expected to inspire the styling of this yet unnamed sedan.

Suzuki PR boss Jeff Holland says the new vehicle will go on sale in December but did not comment on if other body styles will be released. The Kizashi concept, after all, has been shown as a sedan, wagon and crossover.

The new vehicle is expected to come with a standard four-cylinder engine with an optional V6 and the potential for all-wheel drive.

GALLERY: Suzuki Kizashi Concept


[Source: AutoWeek]