2010 Mercedes E-Class “Attention Assist” Commercial

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Mercedes appears to be trying its hand at humor in the advertising world in a campaign to promote the all-new 2010 E-Class.

The ad takes a while to get to the point and when it does get there they ask you to think slightly more than is normally expected in a commercial. The message is actually quite simple, however, as your dreams (no matter how scary or enjoyable) will have to wait thanks to the new “Attention Assist” system in E-Class.

The Attention Assist system is just one of several new “Assist” systems on the new E-Class, including Adaptive Main Beam Assist, Blind Spot Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and Brake Assist Plus.

The system works by using audio and visual warnings to notify the driver that he may be drowsing off. When activated, a coffee cup icon on the dash lights up. “It’s the next best thing to handing the driver a cup of espresso,” said Mercedes-Benz Chairman Dr. Dieter Zeich.

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