Ferrari F450 Concept to Debut at Frankfurt Auto Show

Spy photos of Ferrari’s F430 successor have almost become common-place over the past six months and now word comes that the Italian car maker may show a concept version of the exotic at the Frankfurt Auto Show this Fall.

Known internally as the F142, the F430’s successor is more commonly called the F450, as it is expected the V8 engine will gain a slight increase in displacement for at least 550hp – although as much a 585hp is possible.

The new benchmark for exotics will be wider, longer (with a longer wheelbase) and slightly taller than the 430. There is also the potential that it will use the Formula 1-derived KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery) system, turning energy from both braking and deceleration into electrical energy to help power the on-board electronics. This would help improve fuel-economy slightly.

Direct-injection technology may also be used to not only add performance, but also increase fuel-economy.

The F450 could mark a significant engineering change for Ferrari if it uses a double-clutch gearbox like that found in the more civilized California instead of the F1-style box it first brought to market in the 355.

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport via WorldCarFans]

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