Ford Focus RS Spied in Detroit


Stoking the rumors that Ford is planning to bring its impressive Focus RS to the U.S. are some amateur spy photos of the hopped-up compact, taken just outside Detroit.

Forum user 2004SVTAutoXer took the photos in the up-scape Royal Oak neighborhood and posted them on

The 2009 Focus RS is powered by a turbocharged 2.5-liter Duratec five-cylinder engine with 295hp and 302 ft-lbs of torque. It also makes use of a Quaife limited slip differential and a unique-to-the-RS suspension setup.

Ford has already declared that it will bring it’s European Fiesta to the United States and while it is possible that a Focus RS may eventually make it over as well, it is unlikely in the current economic climate. Ford may, however, be planning for a turnaround in the economy and with Chrysler’s future uncertain and GM cutting its high-performance division, Ford might be the only post-recession U.S. automaker capable of delivering a compact performance car.

GALLERY: Ford Focus RS




Andrew says:

what a nice looking hatchback, i would not mind using that as a daily driver, and i don’t even like hatch backs. the interior does need a lot of work though. so where exactly is that car available?

Colum Wood says:

You can actually buy them in Europe right now. It’s cars like this that gave the Focus such a good reputation. Then they watered them down for the North American market.

russell calhoun says:

awesome!!! the ultimate tuners dream.v-8 power with a smaller carbon footprint(true modern muscle).honestly i probably won’t buy one right away for financial reasons and i own a ford focus st sedan with thousands of fun fun fun miles to go.if this car does come to america ,take that! you honda civic fans.