Ford Planning Return of the 5.0


Few engines have received the iconic status of the Ford Mustang’s 5.0. The motor disappeared in 1996 but now appears to be ready to make a comeback.

News of the return comes out of Australia where Ford Australia product development boss Russell Christophers has confirmed a new 5.0-liter V8 is currently undergoing development in the U.S.

In Australia the new engine, code named “Coyote,”  will replace a larger 5.4-liter unit in the Falcon, but it could likely be used in an upcoming Mustang.

With new emissions regulations in 2010, we aren’t likely to see the the engine before that. Most likely it would debut in the next Mustang several years from now, but Ford did set a precedent in ’96 when they replace the 5.0 with the 4.6-liter block mid-cycle.

The engine is rumored to make 402hp and 398 ft-lbs of torque.

[Source: Drive]


Vince says:

Hope it gets enough milage with all of that output to meet those upcoming new CAFE regulations (you know, 40 MPG…), or it will be short-lived. You’ll have to sell a lot of Fiestas to make up for a “Guzzler” ‘Stang unless this will be an “Eco-Boost” 5.0.

Colum Wood says:

You never know.. Ford might be forced to go with an Ecoboost V6 in the U.S. instead of the V8. Those emissions regulations are rough. Then again, the Fusion Hybrid gets such amazing mileage it’s sure to level our Ford’s fleet-wide emissions.

If you follow the link to the original article it talks about how the Ecoboost V6 in Australia actually makes more power than the V8s… but people still want the 8s.

bill says:

Finally the name “coyote”. A. J. will be proud!

Matt says:

Of course people want the v8, real mustang and musclecar fans want the sound of a v8! People who know cars don’t buy six banger mustangs!