Ford Tests New Ecoboost Engine at the Drag Strip

With increasingly stringent fuel economy regulations and in an effort to delivery maximum power for minimal gas, many automakers are switching to smaller displacement engines and forced induction. BMW and Audi are two examples, but U.S. automaker Ford is also making strides in this area with its new line of EcoBoost engines.

The current EcoBoost powerplant is a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6, aimed at giving V6 fuel economy with V8 power. Ford claims 355hp and 350 ft-lbs of torque for this motor and while that sounds good, real world acceleration numbers tell the real tale.

Last night a group of Ford engineers took the new EcoBoost powered Ford Flex and Lincoln MKS to the drag strip at Milan Raceway to see just what they would do. The numbers are impressive.

The EcoBoost Ford Flex (you know, that retro-cool box thingy) took just 14.5 seconds to rip down the quarter mile, hitting a top speed of 98 mph.

Better yet, the new Lincoln ran a sub-14 second pass, going 13.9 at 104 mph.

The MKS and Flex are just the first vehicles to receive the EcoBoost engines and more are planned. Ford will offer 90 percent of its vehicles with an EcoBoost powerplant by 2013.

GALLERY: EcoBoost Ford Flex and Lincoln MKS