Mini GTI in the Works?


BMW is currently looking at adding three new vehicles to the Mini lineup, including an enthusiast-targeted GTI model. U.K. auto pub AutoCar is reporting that the car would be build on the new five-door Mini platform that will also underpin the company’s upcoming crossover.

We’d welcome such a vehicle as Mini is already an enthusiast brand… so a more hard-core model from Mini can only be a good thing. The sporty new model is likely to have a base powerplant that develops 180hp, with a John Cooper Works version delivering upwards of 220hp.

The car would get unique styling cues and feature a more race-inspired interior with more seriously bolstered seats.

Even if the car does make it to market, it is unlikely to appear before 2012.

[Source: AutoCar]

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Kevin says:

Hmmmm. So this would be above a Cooper S and below a JCW? Why wouldnt they just improve a Cooper S as it seems a bump from 172 to 180 is reasonable for 2010 or so. What about a “Super Sport” package on the Cooper S? Personally I cant afford a JCW (30k in USA) and a Cooper S starts at 22k. It seems a basic hard core package for say about 2k or so would be attractive but not as expensive as a JCW. I dont need a sunroof,leather,NAV,or fancy AC or stereo….but I would go for a bundled LSD,stiffer suspension,better fabric seat,and higher output engine…….and why has no additional gauges package surfaced like on the first MINI Cooper S??