MINI-i Low-Emissions City Car Image Leaked?

You might be looking at a picture of the upcoming MINI-i MegaCity. Then again, you might not.

France’s Automobile Magazine obtained this one photo of what could be the MINI-i MegaCity – a low emissions or zero emissions city vehicle. The SMART-style mini- or micro-car is part of BMW’s Project-i initiative, designed to create a new line of affordable cars for urbanites.

An article we reported on several months ago from British pub AutoExpress hinted at the existence of such a vehicle. It is possible this new urban MINI-i could be a plug-in electric car, using the technology currently undergoing development in the MINI E.

There is also, however, a possibility that this leaked image is a revision of the current MINI.

We expect to learn more on this car as we approach the Frankfurt Auto Show this Fall.

[Source: WorldCarFans]

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