Next Gen Mazda RX-8 May Get Twin-Spark Direct-Injection Rotary Engine

It appears as though Mazda will offer its RX-8 sports car with a rotary engine in the future and as the all-new second generation model is just around the corner, the Japanese automaker has been busy making improvements to the pistonless wonder.

Last October Mazda filed for a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a new twin-spark, direct-injection rotary engine, which was approved last month.

According to the patent it’s possible the new motor will be of a slightly larger displacement and we expect a little extra power. The new twin-spark direct-injection system should also help in the power department, although its main benefit will be in terms of fuel-economy.


GALLERY: Mazda Twin-Spark Rotary Patent Application


[Source: Sidelaw and US Patent and Trademark Office]

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