Volkswagen BlueSport Roadster On Hold


Sadly it looks like the very-cool Volkswagen BlueSport Roadster may never see the street. VW has not confirmed the car’s status but apparently a company representative told a group of media who were in Australia for a Volkswagen press event that it just didn’t make economic sense considering the global recession.

This would no doubt mean that Audi and SEAT versions of the little roadster would suffer a similar fate.

The concept won’t be scrapped entirely, however, and may be resusetated once the economy recovers.

The BlueSport Roadster Concept launched at the North American International Auto Show this year, and boasted a 180hp turbo-diesel engine that can get 55mpg and hit 62 mph in 6.2 seconds.

[Source: Channel4]

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Yiannis Tsiounis says:

If it is killed the real reason is that it competes heads on and cannibalizes the Cayman/Boxster pair. And let’s not forget that Porsche is now part of the VW group…