BMW to Expand 1 Series Lineup Significantly With 13 Different Versions Including Roadsters and SUVs

According to a rather detailed post on BMW 1 Series forum 1addicts, BMW is aiming to significantly expand the future 1 Series lineup as a part of the company’s Efficient Dynamics approach.

Using a new versatile modular architecture, BMW will be able to build 12 and possibly even 13 different vehicles based on the new chassis, some of which will be coupes, sedans, roadsters and even SUVs.

The cars will be divided up into three sub-categories: Traditional, Lifestyle and Sporting. Under the Traditional segment will be a standard sedan model, a hatchback and a hybrid. Under the Lifestyle segment there will be a coupe, cabriolet and a performance or “supersports” model as well as a Z2 and Z2 coupe. Finally, the Sporting segment will include an X1, X2, Gran Turismo and Y1 model. Finally, there will be a light-weight and high-performance 135i model which is still not approved for production.

Currently the upcoming X1 is based on a 3 Series platform, but this would suggest a new platform would underpin the car. As for the Y1, it would be somewhat like a really small X6, with the soul of a Z sports car but the utility of an X SUV.

The news comes from a 1addicts forum member called SCOTT26, who according to his brief but content-rich forum history is either a prophet or a BMW insider.

BMW will turn the 1 Series into a leader for the company, just as the 3 Series is now. It will get technology first, starting with a hybrid powertrain, which will be offered for every 1 Series vehicle.

[Source: 1addicts]

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