Ferrari Reveals a New Batch of 599 GTB HGTE Photos

When Ferrari unveiled the 599 GTB HGTE at the Geneva Auto Show in March the company’s press kit didn’t contain much in the way of photography…. just a few CGI images. Now the Italian automaker has spent the time to do a proper shoot of the 599 equipped with a special handling package and released these photos.

The HGTE in the name stands for Handling GT Evoluzione, and as the name suggests, this Ferrari has improved cornering capabilities due to several modifications. The magnetorheological shocks get revised settings and a more aggressive spring package is used. Larger sway bars also help keep the Ferrari flagship planted in the corners. On top of this there is a slightly revised front bumper, new exhaust tips and a new set of 20-inch wheels – which we presume are lighter than the stock units (but Ferrari hasn’t said as much).

Inside the cockpit is mostly unchanged except for new sports seats that feature stitching that reads “Handling GTE.” All this will cost a cool $42,000 on top of the $300,000-plus Ferrari charges for the standard 599.



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