Ford Building a Four-Door Coupe: Will it See U.S. Shores?

Ford is reportedly working on a four-door coupe for the European market and it’s not unthinkable that this stylish sedan could make its way to the U.S.

Based on the Mondeo mid-size sedan, this new model would help build brand image – something Ford of Europe is starting to do more of as it becomes more profitable. The model will be released alongside sedan and wagon versions of the next Mondeo when it debuts in 2012.

Apparently the new Mondeo will be more of a world-car platform, much like the upcoming Focus and Fiesta, both of which will hit U.S. shores soon.

Currently the car would only have one competitor in the U.S. marketplace, the Volkswagen CC, but as brands like Acura see the potential in the four-door coupe, perhaps by 2012 Ford will have several reasons to bring over its four-door coupe Mondeo.

And even if limited sales in North America prohibited building the car here, there is still a possibility that it could be assembled in Europe and shipped to North America. The added price would then be passed on to the consumer by badging the car as a Lincoln.

[Source: CAR]

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