Infiniti to Show Essence Concept at Goodwood Festival of Speed

To help promote the launch of the Infiniti brand in the U.K., the luxury Japanese automaker will bring its stunning Essence Concept to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in September. Alongside the Essence will be Infiniti’s brand new G37 Convertible. Sadly, Infiniti explicitly points out in its press release that while the G37 will be on sale this year in the U.K., the Essence will not.

The Essence Concept first debuted at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this year and was designed to help celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary. Not only does it look stunning, but it’s an engineering marvel, boasting a 600hp hybrid powerplant. Under the hood of the Essence sits a 440hp direct-injection twin-turbo 3.7-liter V6, which is paired with a 140hp electric motor.

Lucky Goodwood spectators will be able to witness the first-ever public drive of the Essence Concept as it takes on the famous Goodwood Hillclimb.

As mentioned, Infiniti continues to hold its position that the Essence will not see production, but with Lexus set to launch the LF-A, perhaps Nissan’s luxury arm will reconsider.

GALLERY: Infiniti Essence Concept


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ROLLE, Switzerland (June 25, 2009) – The Infiniti Essence concept car, shown for the first time four months ago in Geneva, will conclude its pan-European tour at the 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed. But Essence isn’t the only Infiniti to be making its UK debut. The luxury automotive brand from Japan will also be giving visitors to the Festival a sneak preview of the new G37 Convertible which goes on sale in the UK this September. Unlike Essence, unfortunately.

The Essence concept was created as a celebration of Infiniti and its 20 years history as a creator of performance cars. But equally it is an inspiring exploration into the brand’s future … one that includes launching in the UK. The dramatic design, technology and performance statement is a 600PS petrol/electric hybrid coupe with rear-wheel drive. It will be on display in Goodwood’s FoS-TECH pavilion and also on the famous Goodwood Hillclimb where it will perform in public for the first time.

Joining Essence on the Hillclimb – and later in the Sunday Times Supercar paddock – will be the V6 powered G37 Convertible in right-hand drive form, the first example ever produced. The car’s appearance at Goodwood will be particularly momentous for the two British Infiniti engineers who will drive it as they have worked on the Infiniti Europe project since it started. Offered in a choice of two comprehensively equipped models, both featuring a metal three-piece folding roof, the 320PS G37 Convertible has been designed without compromise to look as beautiful with the top up as it does down. Which is hopefully the position where it will stay for the entirety of the weekend…

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