Japanese Company Considers Building Toyota Prius Hearse

Thanks to Lequios, you can do more for the environment once you’re dead than just become fertilizer for pushing up daisies. The Japanese hearse manufacturer is designing a hearse based on the 2010 Toyota Prius, meaning your last trip in a car can be an environmentally-responsible one. And you thought saving the planet for future generations was best left to the living?

Lequios hasn’t confirmed production of the extended Prius, but it is looking in to the matter based on actual consumer interest. The Prius hearse would be significantly longer than the mid-sized hybrid, measuring an additional 77.2-inches for a total of 256-inches. That’s 21.34 feet!

Fuel-economy would, understandably, suffer with an expected average fuel economy rating of 44mpg – which isn’t bad when you consider the new Prius gets a combined rating of 50 mpg.

If Lequios does go ahead with the Prius Hearse is is expected to cost 7,875,000 Yen, or roughly $83,000 – although the chances of one making its way to the U.S. is unlikely.

See the gallery below for some interior photos of some of Lequios’s other hearses.

GALLERY: Lequios Hearses


[Source: Inventorspot]

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