Kia Soul’ster Production Rumors Start

It may look like a wild and wacky concept car but Kia may be getting close to building the Soul’ster. The funky convertible, crossover jeep-like thingy debuted at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, just after the Soul went into production.

A little over a year ago, putting the Soul’ster into production would have seemed impossible, but with the success of the Soul it’s more than just a possibility.


After unveiling the Soul’ster concept, Kia made it clear that production was a possibility if there was a genuine interest in the production. And apparently there is.

Kia-World is reporting that according to one Kia official the vehicle has received a “very, very positive” reception.

The Soul’ster would help Kia continue to position itself in the marketplace as a fun, youth-oriented brand – helping draw attention to a new line of products that are also aimed more economy-minded, entry-level consumers.

If the Soul’ster does get the green light for production, it could be on sale in North America as early as 2010.

[Source: Kia-World]

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