Mercedes-Tuner Lorinser Now Modifying Lexus Vehicles

Mercedes tuner Lorinser has just announced that it is now tuning Lexus vehicles and the first of the Japanese Mercs to get a German makeover is the flagship LS sedan.

While Lorinser offers more cutting-edge designs for Mercedes vehicles (compared to more traditional tuners like Brabus), it has gone the conservative route with this Lexus. The package includes a new aero kit that features a front bumper with integrated fog lights, as well as side skirts and a rear bumper. The new rear bumper also features integrated exhaust pipes, much like the ones found on the IS-F sports sedan. The final piece is a subtle trunk lid spoiler.

Lorinser will also offer wheels for Lexus vehicles, such as the light alloy RS9 models shown above.

Currently no performance upgrades are available for the LS and while that is certainly a pssibility in the future, Lorinser is really more about aesthetic modifications than power-adders.

With the popularity of Lexus vehicles its not surprising that Lorinser has chosen to abandon its “just-Mercedes” policy, especially during these economic hard-times when the company’s botton-line is sure to be hurting. Still, if any Mercedes tuner is to get into the Japanese luxury segment, the Lorinser brand (focused more on style than performance) makes the most sense.

GALLERY: Lorinser Lexus LS460


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