Speedster Model Not in Company’s Plans, Porsche Exec Says

Porsche has no immediate plans to bring a more-entry level sports car to market, according to the German automakers sales and marketing boss. Klaus Berning told Australia auto pub Carsguide that any such plans to develop a “speedster” model have been put on hold indefinitely. Berning also said that Porsche has no plans to expand its product lineup from four to five models.

Instead Porsche wants to concentrate on pushing the Panamera while it also seeks to take control of Volkswagen.

Berning said that even with the current product line Porsche has significant growth left and he feels it can expand sales from roughly 100,000 units in 2008 by anywhere from 20 to 40 percent.

As for if a four-cylinder could join the Porsche lineup, Berning said it was not impossible and did say that it would have to be Porsche developed (and not an Audi powerplant). Quite surprisingly, he also said it Porsche did develop a four-cylinder engine it would most likely be used in the 911 – and not in the Boxster or Cayman.

[Source: Carsguide]

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