Terminated Chrysler Dealers Must Sell Inventory by June 9th


Those 789 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep dealers that were cut loose by Chrysler as a part of its bankruptcy and restructuring plan have until June 9th (next Tuesday) to part with their remaining inventory.

Because of the dealership contract that they signed, dealers aren’t allowed to sell off the cars once the contract expires. And because Chrysler is in bankruptcy protection, it doesn’t have to buy the cars back either.

Chrysler has said that it will help the 789 dealers move their inventory to the remaining Chrysler dealerships, but it won’t give any guarantees on the amount of money those dealerships will have to pay for the remaining vehicles. And considering the circumstances, the terminated dealers don’t exactly have much faith in their parent company right now.

As a result, dealerships are slashing prices. CNN visited Pohanka Chrysler-Dodge in Leesburg, Virginia, where the dealership has slashed prices on some models by as much as 40 percent. A brand new Dodge Nitro, which lists for  $29,170 now has a sticker price of just $17,510.

Owner Ray O’Bryhim even says prices may get lower as the June 9th deadline approaches.

When Chrysler’s 789 dealers received noticication that their contracts would not be renewed, they had an inventory of roughly 44,000 cars.


Kelly Spongberg says:

Perhaps a good time to replace a unit that just died on me, and left me stranded. Mayby that’s part of why this is all happening? Customers can’t rely on these brands to stay running?

Chris says:

dang if i would have waited 7 months i bet i could have gotten a srt4 caliber for dirt cheap instead im stuck with a n\a caliber that i paid 22 for 🙁