Toyota Finally Axes Solara Convertible


Toyota has finally made the decision to stop producing the Solara Convertible. It’s not likely to be missed.

The Coupe model was discontinued last summer (in case you hadn’t noticed), but Toyota decided to keep up convertible production as there were no other drop-top models in the entire company’s vehicle lineup.

A few months later in December of ’08, Toyota then decided to pause production of the Camry-based vehicle, but retained its spot in the lineup, expecting a resurgence in sales for the summer of ’09. That never happened.

“I think there was some hope that eventually during the spring/summer months the market would bear a need,” said company spokesman Rick Hesterberg to Ward’s Auto. “We kept the tooling, just waiting to see, but that never came to fruition.”

The original Solara first came to market in 2000 and a second-generation of the car began for 2005. In that year Toyota sold almost 50,000 Solara models. Demand dropped to 40,000 in ’06, with 30,000 in ’07 and just over 20,000 in 2008.

The Solara Convertible is just the latest drop top to leave the market and is likely to be missed about as much as the PT Cruiser Convertible and Pontiac G6 Convertible. Other models that will bow out this year are the Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky and Honda S2000.

Is the Sebring Convertible next?

[Source: WardsAuto]


Love my Solara Convertabile says:

So you thought it would not be missed once Toyota stopped making it?? Very shortsighted reasoning. The reason it fell in popularity probably had more to do with the economy and the price the car demanded. This week I got a letter from my Toyota dealer here in Albany saying they were looking for Solara convertibles. I have a 2009 with 68,000 miles and they want it as a trade. The dealer told me they are in very high demand in the used car market.

I echo the “bad decision Toyota” comment

We won’t part with it. It’s a beautiful Black and Tan combo and we get tons of compliments!

Google User says:

I love my Toyota Solara Convertible. It’s a 2008 and drives like a dream….smooth with the top down. Make another one and I will buy that one, too! Or I will hold on to this one until the tires fall off. Where was marketing? I’m not used to not buying what I want…

Sharon Myers says:

I have a 2007 solara convertible and love it! It’s baby blue and tan and has been the best car! I had to travel to find this one and wish Toyota would continue production . People ooh and aww over it. I’d say Toyota would sell lots of them. And that us just where I live! BRING THEM BACK!

Paula Mackey says:

Terribly disappointed. Bad decision Toyota. My 2004 Solara convertible has not been one minute’s trouble all these years. Would buy another in a heartbeat but guess I will have to look at other makes when I am ready to let go of this one.

Dixie Oyler says:

I have a 2006 Toyota Solara black convertible with only 23,000 miles. I bought it 6 years ago and it is my dream car. I will probably never sell it, I am so grateful I found it…. My mechanic says it is one of the best cars Toyota every made and I agree 🙂

Sukhman bains says:

I have a 2000 Toyota Solara with 240,000 miles. It still runs like its new. We barley get problems. it has good power and pick up with it v4 engine. the seat are made out of cloth which feels like a bed. it has nice speakers JBL fine bass and u can easily hear the song. the 2000 design is nicer then the 2007. if they haven’t messed up on the 2007 design then they would still make Solara’s. But I would say that the Toyota solara is the best car that Toyota has made. it should be 2nd place on the best car list.

gourmet53 says:

Colum Wood, what are you smokin! I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like the Solara Conv.