Breaking: Ferrari F1 Driver Felipe Massa Expected to Race Again

Formula One driver Felipe Massa is expected to get back behind the wheel of a Ferrari race car after doctors say he is recovering and suffered no long-term injuries from his frightening accident during last-weekend’s race.

Massa’s personal physician Dino Altman made the statement and said Massa stood up and even walked around his hospital bed in Budapest.

“He doesn’t seem to have a long-term injury,” Altman told Yahoo, who also said that Massa’s brain  condition “is improving and there is nothing to worry about.” Altman also said that Massa suffered no permanent damage to his eyes in the accident.

Massa was hit in the helmet by a spring that had fallen off another car, fracturing his skull in two places and causing him to lose consciousness and slam into a tire wall. The incident happened during qualifying at the Hungarian grand-prix on the weekend.

Doctors say that if Massa continues to recover at the same speed he will be moved to a hospital in Paris in about 10 days.

[Source: Yahoo]

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