Cadillac to Replace DTS With XTS Model in 2012


Cadillac’s replacement for the top-level DTS sedan is to be called the XTS and will be built alongside several other GM products at the company’s Oshawa, Canada plant. Production is expected to begin in December of 2011, making the DTS a 2012 model.

The XTS will be based on the company’s Epsilon platform, which will also underpin the new Regal and the upcoming Impala. All three vehicles will be built in Oshawa, which will give GM significant flexibility in production to meet market demands. Previously GM used a less flexible production plan with whole plants or lines dedicated to one vehicle.

The Regal will begin production in August of 2011, while the next Impala will start in February of 2013 – meaning that the current Impala is scheduled to hang on until then.

Along with the new Camaro, a hybrid offering will also be built in Oshawa and while there is no indication on what that hybrid model will be it is expected to be a version of one of either the Regal, Impala or XTS.

[Source: National Post]


donnie bailey says:

cadillac build the xts flagship and rear wheel drive, I will be a buyer.

ed says:

hey clown dont hate on GM still top notch i feel sorry for people that stuck on over seas cars

Terry J Goodman Sr says:

Where, in the Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio triangle can I view/purchase an XTS? Thanks.

GREENBERG185 says:


Chazman7 says:

I am looking for a brand new DTS Black Cadillac.  I do not like the ride of the new 2013 Cadillac that replaced it.  I was going to buy a new 2013, but I drove it and I hated it.  I like the soft ride of the original Cadillacs witch made them famous.  If you can find me a new 2012 Cadillac I will think seriously of buying it. I currently have a2007 DTS Cadillac, Black/Black
Joe Mancuso.  E mail me @ [email protected]