Camaro Out-Sells Mustang For First Time Since 1993


Ford has had it easy in the Pony car segment ever since 2002 when Chevrolet stopped selling the Camaro, but the iconic Chevy is back and making its presence felt. For the fist time since 1993 the Camaro out-sold the Mustang for a whole month.

The numbers weren’t even close as the new Camaro sold 9,320 units compared to the Mustang’s 7,362 units.

Chevy is actually having a tough time keeping up with demand for its new Pony Car and the Oshawa, Canada facility where the Camaro is built is running extra shifts and delaying workers’ holidays in order to keep up with demand.

The new Camaro is also one of the few silver linings to GM’s otherwise gray cloud as the automaker is currently in chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization and has suffered drastic sales decreases over last year.

Mark LaNeve, GM’s VP of vehicle sales said that the Camaro was selling at double the expected volume and that the automaker currently only has a 6 day supply of vehicles, compared to an industry average of 67 days. Demand is so high that some customers are actually paying over the suggested retail price, something unheard of for a GM product.

While the Camaro is in the lead for the month off June, the Mustang is still ahead overall, but it could be a tight race come December. The last time the Camaro came out on top for a year was back in 1985.

[Source: Automotive News]

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