Dodge Caliber: The Least Popular Car in America


According to a recent study by Edmunds for ABC News, the Dodge Caliber is the least popular car in America – and it’s not the only Chrysler product to rate highly on the list of the 10 worst selling cars in America. In fact, four of the top spots are Chrysler products, with the Dodge Avenger rating second, the Charger fifth and the Jeep Patriot sixth.

The list rates the worst selling cars in America according to the supply of vehicles left on dealer lots. What that number represents is actual demand for a vehicle as compared to expected demand. Currently Dodge has a stockpile of Calibers that will last 223 days.

Dealers also have 211 days worth of Avengers as well as 163 days worth of both Dodge Chargers and Jeep Patriots.

Other unpopular vehicles include the Pontiac G6 in third place and the Kia Optima in fourth. ABC even quoted AutoGuide on the Optima saying it, “rides far too loosely on its suspension,” and that the interior uses a “less-than-pleasing material.”

Kia and GM products appear later on in the list as well, with the Kia Spectra taking the seventh spot while the Chevy Cobalt and Colorado finish eighth and ninth respectively. The Ford Mustang (2009) finished 10th.

[Source: ABC News]


Monica M says:

Figures. People Edmunds is paid off by the foreign car companies. Kia is on the list, but not toyota or honda. So much research has come out and people prefer the american cars over foreign cars when the logos are hidden. I come from a long line of AMERICAN auto workers and we see the news that doesn’t get published. Like the facility that makes the Honda Prius’s battery – vegitaion has all died within a 5 mile radius. Did the papers print that? Does anyone see when recalls are made for Toyota and Honda hit the front page. NO! It is in a small corner on page 11. Please. PEOPLE. This country was built on sweat of a lot of americans and when did we stop supporting that? I understand that they were overcomfident for a while and product did slack, but they are back in the game. Please support them by buying American. I sat in the Caliber and it was roomy and comfortable. It gets great gas mileage and has plenty of space. You could actually fit 3 car seats in the back row and there is trunk space. For an older person who has trouble getting in and out of cars it is the perfect height. My mother in law who weighs 260 and is 5’11” fits in there very well.

FIAT 2 America says:

That FIAT 500 Convertible is surely an out-of-the-park home run for FIAT/Chrysler in about 18 mos time from now.

Rumored for assembly at Chrysler’s Belvedere, Illinois assembly plant, beating the Mini’s price by thousands by assembling in The States looks to be a master-stroke that the imported Mini will have difficulty competing with.

And the 500 is a real neat design, inside and out. I rented one in Europe, you wouldn’t believe the room, actually- and a whole lot of fun to drive in the mountains.

j c says:

piece of junk american cars. yea monica theyre back in the game only after loosing billions of dollars and not being able to properly run a car company. i always owned chevys myself and never had problems but most new cars are made of cheap plastic. this site calls it how they see it. but dont accuse them of being paid by car companies. thats just low. if american companies want good reviews, let them set up the quality of what they produce, if not let them flop if they can run a company.

Greg says:

Huh? I think days supply is less reliable as a determinant of popularity than say…sales! A manufacturer may bump production in advance of a planed interruption of production among other reasons. Actual sales tell a more complete story when compared to similarly prices competition. I do expect some of these vehicles to be on that list also but simply looking at days supply is misleading.

MSG Rat says:

I used to work for Ford. Still own an old Ford truck but only because it has no market value and I need something to visit the landfill every few months, at the rate of 10 miles per gallon. But that truck looks happy at the landfill. I doubt that I would ever buy another American car. Let’s face it — American-designed/built cars are substandard in today’s market. That is the polite way of saying overpriced junk, sold largely to people who have more ill-directed patriotism than ability to select a decent product. If such buyers wished to do the market a good turn, they would refuse to buy junk, and insist that governments not bail out substandard performers. Then there might be some improvement in Detroit. But it might be best to let failures be failures and then disappear.

BillinSD says:

This is old news… Caliber was one of the best sellers during cash for clunkers. More car for your money.

Compare the “total cost” of a 5 year loan (with interest) for Caliber, side by side with the imports… Look at repair costs and parts too.

You can drive an import and eat at McD’s, or choose Caliber and Live Large!