Fiat Heir Orders Custom Matte Baby Blue Ferrari 599 With Denim Interior

The matte-paint trend has just reached a new high… or should we say low. Behold the matte-baby blue Ferrari 599, which is reportedly owned by Lapo Elkann, the grandson of Fiat founder Gianni Agnelli and heir to the company.

No doubt this car will make a few Prancing Horse traditionalists a little woosey. If you consider yourself among that crowd, don’t take a look inside. Why not? Well, there you will find a pair of sporty Ferrari seats covered in a pair of bluejeans.

To make maters worse, the car is apparently not the creation of some aftermarket hack, but a factory job. It looks like Ferrari’s custom options ordering sheet is a little longer than normal when your family owns the company.

GALLERY: Matte Baby Blue Ferrari 599


[Source: Autogspot via Autoblog]

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