Report: Pontiac G8 to Live On as Chevrolet Caprice


Calling the Pontiac G8 “Too good to waste,” GM’s new product boss, Bob Lutz, has just announced that the car will live on, rebadged as a Chevrolet Caprice. The news comes as a surprise, considering GM’s CEO Fritz Henderson has been unwavering in his insistence that the car would be eliminated from the New GM.

Apparently part of the reason for the move is due to the fact that GM has an internal agreement with Holden, the Australian arm of the company that makes and sells the car as the Commodore in its home market. Currently GM sells the Comodore in markets like the middle east badged as a Chevy.

Lutz did not say if the new body style would be available for the U.S. market by 2010, of if consumers would have to wait until 2011.

So while GM looks to pave a new future full of green cars, it appears as though old-man-Lutz still wants General Motors to build cars for performance enthusiasts. He even said that a high-performance “V” version of the upcoming Cadillac CTS Coupe is still a possibility.

In addition, Lutz even commented that a “V” version of the Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon was not completely out of the question. “I’m sure we’ll build at least one,” he said.

[Source: Automobile Magazine]


dave says:

WAHOO! The Caprice is back!! And its RWD, not just another name with venerable equity slapped on a tepid midsize sedan, good work and welcome back Lutz, you da man!

Mars says:

Too bad the G8 is much sportier and more aggressive looking then the Caprice. This Chevy just looks like another mediocre GM.

R. Antonik says:

I like it and I currently own a 2008 G8 GT. They might also
make a sport edition of it like the SS and put a V8 in it.

S. Sudman says:

I am glad that GM kept this in the “NEW” GM. It would be such a shame that the one car that drives like a Bimmer, has rear wheel drive, and V8 power should be kept. I have a G8 GXP. My only issue is that the flat hood and front end look very bland compared to the G8. Plus I hate the Name Caprice. They should use Chevelle as the name…

M. Derrick says:

Hey Bob! I too have a 2008 G8 GT, unfortunately looking at the picture this is the SS model (left passenger door). Still gives us some options in the future hopefully. Front bumper looks nice, but don’t like the hood. (Bumper looks similar to GXP.

Billy says:

Caprice? Nah just call it the new Chevy Impala instead. It’s been thirteen years since we had a rear wheel drive Chevy Impala. Ditch the front wheel drive and just bring in something that is a real car (RWD). Although the Pontiac G8 looks ten times better than this.

Bryan says:

Wait a minuite the Impala was always a stripped down faster version of the Caprice. Will we possibly see a retagged G8 with a V6 as a caprice and the GXP version as an Impala?

Riley says:

Why dont they make it like the classics? They always gotta go and make things smaller and more cramped. Give it the classic lines like dodge did with their comebacks. Stop making cars that everyones mom wants to drive.