Report: Cadillac CTS-V Coupe is Planned Says Bob Lutz


When General Motors emerged from bankruptcy protection and announced that it would unretire Bob Lutz, it seemed like an odd move, considering Lutz’s interest in performance cars and the fact that he’s 77 years old. Enthusiasts, however, rejoiced and with good reason, as over the weekend the former product boss and now Vice Chairman let slip that Cadillac may in fact build a high-performance “V” version of the upcoming CTS Coupe.

Yesterday on GM’s corporate Fastlane Blog Lutz addressed the issue and clearly stated that a CTS-V Coupe will in fact see production.

 “As of now, the V package is planned only for the sedan and coupe,” he said.

As for whether a “V” version of the CTS Sport Wagon had wings, Lutz was less optimistic, stating that if there is a demand GM would most certainly build the car. Demand for high performance wagons has never been high in North America, however, as is evidenced by the fact that BMW doesn’t bring over its M5 wagon and Audi never brought over the RS6 Avant. The only automaker to offer a high-performance wagon is Mercedes-Benz with its E63 Estate.

Oddly, Lutz also sounded less sure about his earlier statement that the Pontiac G8 would remain in the U.S., branded as a Chevrolet Caprice, saying that GM was studying the “feasibility” of offering the car to the police and public.

[Source: GM Fastlane Blog]

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