Report: Hyundai Tiburon Successor to Look Significantly Like Veloster Concept


According to Hyundai CEO John Krafcik, the company’s upcoming replacement for the Tiburon will look significantly like the Veloster Concept that debuted at the 2007 L.A. Auto Show. In fact, Krafcik said that the sub-compact will look 70 to 80 percent like the funky concept, calling it “Accent sized,” and a, “four passenger Honda CRX.”

Much like the CRX, the Veloster will be a car you can drive hard and still get good mileage in, thanks to a direct-injection 1.6-liter four-cylinder that Krafcik promises will get over 40 mpg.

The new model will be front-wheel drive and Krafcik says it will have one particular trait that is not offered in its segment. He wouldn’t say exactly what that was, but did mention that it could be one of a few design items, including some sort of unconventional roof, doors or rear hatch.

The Tiburon’s sporty-CRX-like successor is due out as a 2012 model at dealers by late 2011.

[Source: Edmunds]


Mario Mizzi says:

my comment is this. after 4 years waiting for an answer why my car was faulty and i had to sell it,the hyundai malta didnt gave me an answer. so can somebody give me a good contact that listen to me pls cause im very pissed now!!!! . sorry for the expration

Rob says:

Mario, no idea about that… maybe you should call your dealer!!!

The Veloster and Tiburon don’t seem to have much in common…. this is a new car in my opinion.