Report: Last Pontiac Solstice Rolls Off Assembly Line as GM Closes Another Plant


Earlier this week General Motors officially turned off the lights and locked the doors at its Boxwood Road assembly plant for the last time, marking the end of the line for the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky.

The two vehicles (along with the Opel GT) were manufactured at the plant in Wilmington, Delaware, which is being closed as a part of GM’s restructuring process.

General Motors has decided to eliminate the Pontiac brand and sell Saturn to the Penske Automotive Group. The announcement to close the plant came on July 1st when GM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. At the time GM gave short notice to plant workers saying the facility would be shuttered by the end of July.

GM spokesman John Raut said the final vehicle to roll off the assembly line was a silver Pontiac Solstice.

[Source: SaturnFans]


Penny says:

As a Solstice owner I think it’s a shame to see the Pontiac brand scraped. If more Americans would buy American we could eliminate this problem!

Tim says:

Saturn is a notthing band compared to pontiac. Getting rid of pontiac is like getting rid of usa car pride. Looks like the future of other countries ruling the car market is coming.

td139 says:

You’re kidding right; it’s just another piss poor management decision by a failing automaker that has been mismanaged and lack imagination. They killed off the only brand that could compete with the imports. Buick, they are keeping Buick?!?!?! Pontiac outsells Buick 4 to 1, with cars like the Solstice and the G6 and G8. Guess I’ll be buying German for now on!!!