Report: Porsche Panamera Bests Cadillac CTS-V with New Nürburgring Record

Porsche might not be in the running for the title of the fastest sports car on the famed Nürburgring, but it can now claim the fastest lap by a sedan. According to a report in German auto pub Auto Sport, the four-door Panamera recently flew through the Green Hell in a time of just 7:56 – three seconds faster than the Cadillac.

Driving the 500hp Panamera Turbo to this new record was legendary World Rally Championship (WRC) racer and official Porsche test driver Walter Röhrl.

Until now the CTS-V has held the record since May 9, 2008, when it blew away its German competitors and was the first sedan to ever run a sub-eight minute lap.

With the current situation at GM it’s unlikely the company will seek to take back its record by running the CTS-V again. We suppose they can always take solace in the fact that the big American sedan costs less than half of a Panamera Turbo; the Turbo retailing for $132,600, and the CTS-V costing just $59,995.

[Source: Sport Auto]

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